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Flat roofs: Newtechniques mean no more leaks

The old type felt flat roofs are now obsolete and new techniques mean no more leaks. If you choose GRP then you can have a solid flat roof in over 50 colours. Alternatively go for EPDM which is installed in one sheet, then you are guaranteed for a full 20 years.

GRP Roofing

A GRP flat roof is extremely tough and durable and will provide protection against everything the british weather can throw at it, even moreso in fact as the system will withstand arctic and desert temperatures. Our GRP roofs are always paired with a new decking system which prevents the old problem of badly installed GRP roofs cracking as they have been laid over unsuitable materials.

The GRP system is BBA approved, guaranteeing complete peace of mind. The roof can be designed to suit almost any situation with a vast choice of colours available, it also comes with a non slip finish should future access to the roof be required. Not only does the roof look great it has a lifetime of 50 years and comes with a 25 year manufacturers guarantee.

EPDM Roofing

EPDM is the world’s most used single ply roofing membrane. One of the great benefits of EPDM is that it can be laid in one single sheet. This removes the risks associated with other single ply systems where joins and seams fail. Sheet sizes can be upto 15m x 60m.

Many people immediatly choose felt as they think new systems are much more expensive, EPDM has an installed price very similar to felt but with a lifespan of 50 years, compare to 5-10 years for older felt systems.

EPDM Rubber is UV and ozone stable so it never perishes. It stays very flexible and so can move with the building during expansion and contraction of the roof. It is also very durable and can withstand extremes of temperature

Because installation is a cold lay technique there is no requirement for any heat, this removes the risk of fire or accidents on site sometimes associated with old bitumen boilers and gas torches. When the work is complete we give you a 20 year manufactuers guarantee and you can opt to be covered by our insurance backed guarantee also.

All in all an excellent piece of work delivered and we are very happy to recommend your services to others .......

Mr Steward, Caversham

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