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We offer a great range of roofline products that look good, reduce maintenance and compliment your home. While we do still fit timber fascias, soffits and bargeboards most people choose uPVC these days as they look good for years with only an occasional wipe over to keep them in tip top condition.

We can replace your existing roof trim completely if the existing is rotten or showing its age but there is also a cheaper option to overboard the existing with capping boards providing the timber behind is in good condition.

Leaking or overflowing guttering can cause significant damage to the walling and even interior of buildings, we can replace guttering and rainwater pipes with various designs and colours too. Even if your property contains asbestos (sometimes found in old soffit boards) we can arrange for the safe removal on your behalf by our licensed asbestos removal subcontractors

We can guarantee the works for 10 years so when you fit uPVC roof trim you really can fit and forget.

All in all an excellent piece of work delivered and we are very happy to recommend your services to others .......

Mr Steward, Caversham

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